About MUN

What is MUN?

MUN stands for Model United Nations, it is a real simulation of the United Nations. PSU MUN is a non-profit organisation based at Prince Sultan University in Riyadh, with the goal of widening the MUN community and bringing together students in order to discuss current global issues.

In it, each person is assigned a nation to represent and a topic to discuss. You will be asked to speak on behalf of your assigned country and push for the agenda that your nation supports. The main goal of any MUN committee is to pass a resolution that fully resolves an issue.

What do you do with your assigned country?

In essence, you are your assigned country. Your thoughts and speech should be fully aligned with your nation’s beliefs and actions.
As a delegate of your appointed nation, you’re expected to push and support the agenda that goes hand in hand with your country.

What are the topics you’re discussing? What are you supposed to do with them?

In your committee’s study guide you’ll find the topic that you will be discussing for the entirety of the conference. In the study guide, you’ll find vital information about your topic which should help you understand it better.
As a delegate of any nation you will be asked to write a position paper, speak for your nation, and write and submit resolutions that answer the topic at hand.
The committee is adjourned once a resolution has been passed or conference time has elapsed.

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