Group of 20 (G20) | Intermediate

What is G20 ?

An international forum of major economies that addresses global economic issues and financial stability through policy coordination and cooperation.

Fostering Inclusive Growth and Reducing Inequality Among G20 Nations

The G20 committee is tasked with addressing the important issue of boosting inclusive economic growth and reducing income inequality among G20 member countries. This complicated dilemma requires the development of policies and initiatives to guarantee that economic progress benefits all parts of society, particularly vulnerable and excluded populations. Finding new ways to develop equal opportunities, improve access to education and healthcare, and build fair labor markets will be crucial to the committee's discussions as wealth gaps continue to increase globally. The committee's goal will be to promote international collaboration and coordination among the world's greatest economies in order to promote prosperity and reduce income inequality for the benefit of all citizens.

Country List

Argentine Republic, Commonwealth of Australia, Federative Republic of Brazil, Dominion of Canada, People's Republic of China, French Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, Bharat, Republic of Indonesia, Italian Republic, Japan, Republic of Korea, United Mexican States, Russian Federation, Republic of South Africa, Republic of Turkey, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, African Union, European Union.

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