Meet the Team

Abdelrahman Babiker | Secretary General

In addition to being PSUMUN’s Secretary-General, Abdelrahman Babiker is a software engineering student at Prince Sultan University. He’s participated in many MUN conferences both inside and outside the Kingdom, earning awards in almost all of them. In saying that, his passion for politics and diplomacy will come as no surprise; his first question upon meeting Sudan’s former president, Swar Al Dahab, was, “How do I become President?” When not working on MUN or planning his future presidential campaigns, Abdelrahman can be generally found scrolling through cat posts on social media, playing video games, and signing up for any competition that catches his eye.

Shiza Siddiqui | Director General

Our current Director-General, Shiza Siddiqui, is a senior-level Marketing student. She peviously served as Undersecretary of Finances for about a year. Most of her friends will agree that her role suits her perfectly; she’s immaculate with her planning and wonderful with communication. When she’s not ensuring that the Secretariat is running as smoothly as possible, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, discovering new food - preferably, desserts - and expanding her cultural knowledge of the world through movies and TV shows.

Naif Aldhaban | Deputy Secretary General

Since taking part in his first MUN experience last year, Naif, a junior software engineering student, has been in love with the competitive environment that MUN committees bring and the fierce debates they hold. Along with the many positives that came with his first MUN, it most importantly made Naif face his fear of public speaking and overcome it. Other than trying to convince new people into taking part in MUN, Naif usually spends his free time working on other projects and taking part in other extracurriculars that distract him from his academic life. Naif is working on ensuring that everyone involved with the PSU MUN society receives the best experience in their events.

Ahmed Gammash | Under Secretary of Delegate Affairs

Ahmed’s road to “Under Secretary of Delegate Affairs” has been one filled with joy. As this will be Ahmed’s 2nd and not last in his personal MUN history, Ahmed has quite the collection of memorable moments from previous iterations of conferences: crises solved, imbroglios averted, and friendships forged. Besides his dabbling in the art of faux diplomacy, Ahmed enjoys photography, basketball, appreciating concept art, bothering his cat, and taking his baby sister to Chuck E. Cheese. MUN has given him the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about global affairs and explore different perspectives about controversial issues. Alongside the rest of the secretariat, Ahmed welcomes all delegates to PSUMUN 2020 and hopes to facilitate a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Hadia Hadid | Under Secretary of Conference Management

Currently, in her junior year of Applied Linguistics, Hadia is honored to be part of the PSUMUN family. She is certified from the ToastMasters Organization as an Advanced Leader and Communicator. Her previous MUN experiences make her believe that MUN is a great opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and sharpen their research and public speaking skills. Outside of MUN, Hadia would spend her time singing, drawing, or playing basketball, and she would never miss the chance to eat a delicious pasta dish. Hadia looks forward to creating, with the help of her colleagues, a memorable experience for the delegates and volunteers.

Dareen Abdulkareem | Under Secretary of Conference Management

Dareen, a sophomore law student, is known to be involved in a lot of extracurriculars and has several leadership skills and roles. She is also known to have extensive skills in communication and management. Academically, she is deeply interested in legal writing where she drafts contracts, legal advice, and complaints. Besides her university life, she likes coloring, playing badminton, and traveling when she has the time to do so.

Ghadh Alotaibi | Under Secretary of Finances

Ghadh, a self-driven and hardworking finance student, has always viewed herself as a global citizen, that is why she loves everything that MUN stands for. Ghadh has been participating in numerous MUN conferences since middle school, both as a delegate and a volunteer. Her experiences have inexorably increased her interest in international relations and diplomacy. Ghadh is thrilled by the opportunity to serve as the Under Secretary of Finances at PSUMUN. Given that she has experience working with numbers as a finance student, this is the perfect position for her to showcase her skills. Aside from MUN, she loves reading, traveling, spending time with friends, discovering new music.

Sadaf Mahmood | Under Secretary of Marketing

Sadaf, an upbeat, self-driven team player with great wit is an architectural engineering junior. She has followed her passion for architecture ever since she was a child. Her dream is to give humans more quality and depth in the spaces that she designs in the future. Since she loves new challenges, she recently took part in three MUN's as a delegate, organizer, and chair. Considering how much art means to her, this turned out to be the perfect platform to showcase some of her skills and most importantly, her vision. She grasps information swiftly, can improvise on the spot and always has a smile on! Apart from academics, she enjoys swimming, graphic designing, baking, and taking care of her cat in her spare time (which is a blessing for an architect).

Abdullah Irfan | Under Secretary of Marketing

Abdullah, a senior finance student and father to three cute cats, developed a significant interest in media content creation at a young age. For most of his university life, Abdullah was not involved in many extracurricular activities. However, joining the MUN society sparked his interest in various types of extracurriculars. Taking part in MUN conferences also facilitated the development of his critical thinking and communication skills in his everyday life. In his free time, he likes playing video games, socializing, listening to music, and of course, scrolling through dank memes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Through his role in the Secretariat, Abdullah aspires to increase awareness and encourage more people to take part in MUN conferences and possibly find their new passion.

Abdul Moiz Amir | Under Secretary of IT Management

Abdul Moiz, a senior Computer Science student, was eager to get into extra-curricular activities as he got into Prince Sultan University. Fortunately, his first PSUMUN experience was enough to captivate him into the world of MUN. Not that he’s into politics per se, but the thrill of debate, speaking up for oneself, and making unforgettable memories is what made him stick around. In his free time, you’ll find him ranting about how bad season eight of Game of Thrones was, playing guitar, scrolling through cat pictures, or all of them at the same time! Because of his technical academic background, he felt honoured to be the ‘brown tech guy’ the Secretariat gravely needed.

Emad Harun | Under Secretary of Committee Affairs

Emad is a manufacturing engineering student from the great desert country of Saudi Arabia. Though his passion is for physics, he fell in love with Model United Nations and ever since then he’s been eager to make a name for himself in the debating world. While Emad has attended conferences from many different parts of the world, he admires traveling and making friends along the way, in his free time he enjoys listening to music and build over-engineered drones.

Mr. Robin Brewster | Faculty Advisor

My involvement with MUN spans almost 30 years, at universities in the UK, Italy and KSA. I have had the pleasure of being part of PSU MUN since its inception in 2016, when I trained two delegates to send to a Harvard World MUN in Rome. Since then, PSU student interest in the MUN concept has grown exponentially. From taking a leap in the dark with a small group of male delegates to Prague MUN 2017, to accompanying a mixed gender delegation of 20 selected PSU hopefuls (including 3 committee chairs) to the same conference in February 2020, the way has always been upwards! The satisfaction to be gained from working with the most motivated and able students of Prince Sultan University is immense. Independent thinking and practical application of skills is what a university should be all about. As our Secretariat gleaned experience from their participation in a widening range of MUN conferences, they have taken over much of the day to day running of PSU MUN Society. Above and beyond this, they are in the process of planning further PSU MUN Conferences, following the resounding success of the first PSU MUN in September 2019. My role is now mainly limited to advising and liaison. I am proud of every single PSU MUN delegate, and feel honoured as they take this advantage (and it really is a plus point on any CV!) out into the world of work.

Ms. Sofia Adan | Faculty Advisor

Over the past 18 years Ms. Sofia Adan has enjoyed an exceptional and diverse career which, at its core, is primarily concerned with supporting the positive development of our international community. Having worked across the global arena in countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Kenya, Georgia and Malaysia, Ms. Adan has worked vigorously alongside government entities and NGOs on a variety of educational policies, whilst also implementing new innovative strategies to enhance the strategic outputs of these policies. In a testament to her illustrious career, she has also worked extensively with NGOs and intergovernmental agencies on a wide cross section of issues related to development, community enhancement, human security and education. Notably, in addition to her significant work in higher education she has also worked with NGOs supporting refugees in Georgia and in a voluntary capacity with the Red Cross. The innovative nature of her work and her experience working in a wide array of professional capacities, supporting diverse communities, bring to the fore the exceptional interdisciplinary nature of Ms. Adan’s professional career.

Ms. Adan earned an honours degree in Social Work and Psychology, from Ryerson University, Canada; a Masters of Science in Education from the D’youville College in New York, USA, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Education at the University of Birmingham.

Sofia enjoys reading and travelling. She hopes to continue her NGO and voluntary work world-wide.