Meet the Team

Hend Moughrabiah | Secretary General

Hend is a senior law student at PSU and an active member of the public speaking community. She has participated and led multiple MUN conferences in Saudi Arabia and all over the world. She is also the Director of Public Speaking in Saudi Youth Society, where she organized public speaking workshops that focused on enriching the skills of the youth. She is also an avid lover of puzzles and true crime. Her skills and interests make her an invaluable member of the PSUMUN Secretariat.

Badr AlSaif | Director General

Badr is a junior computer science student . Politics and debate have always been a big part of his life, from reading everything to do with the political sphere to debating those same things. His MUN career started in 2018 and ever since he’s participated in multitude of conferences and debate competitions . Apart from his academic endeavors, he spends most of his time either playing video games, reading, writing, or socializing with friends. Badr looks forward to creating an environment that will flourish with fun and constructive debate.

Lojain Rozi | Deputy - Secretary General

MUN is very special to Lojain; through it, she discovered her passion for law and arguing with people, which led her to co-founding the MUN club at her high school. A big part of MUN is discussing world problems that must be solved; such as the Uyghur genocide crisis in East Turkestan. Being an Uyghur herself, that crisis is very near and dear to her heart; which is why she values advocacy and education about such topics over anything. Now Lojain is a law student at Prince Sultan University that spends her free time painting and binge watching.

Jude Albuthie | Undersecretary of Committee and Delegate Affairs

Jude is an Applied Linguistics student and is currently in her freshman year at PSU. She really enjoys tackling different topics in debate which led her to become a part of this PSUMUN team as an undersecretary. Her hobbies are filmmaking, photography, reading, and writing short stories or poems that capture her imagination and creativity. Her interests combined with her work ethics makes her an ideal member of the PSUMUN team.

Dana AlMutawa | Undersecretary of Committee and Delegate Affairs

Dana AlMutawa is a law student with a strong spirit and a passion for diplomacy. She is a curious individual who finds joy in surrounding herself with things that inspire her. Dana’s Enthusiasm for MUN drives her to explore current affairs and topics of political discussion. With her dedication and heart full of passion, Dana is poised to make a positive impact in the world of international law, and affairs.

Maha Alshalfan | Undersecretary of Committee and Delegate Affairs

Maha Alshalfan is a first year student who is excited to pursue her degree in Computer science. Maha has been interested in MUN’s for a long time now. Maha started her journey as a delegate where she found her love and appreciation for MUN’s and her Journey took off from there. She is now a vital part of the PSUMUN secretariat. Maha’s excitement in being involved in MUN’s has steamed from her love of debating and political affairs where she gets to mix many of her hobbies and passions in one place. Maha is an invaluable member of our team.

Jawaher AlHazzani | Undersecretary of Conference Management

A USGBC member who’s currently studying architecture and design. Jawaher is a sustainable design enthusiast, a curious head who enjoys being around what moves her soul and keeps it lifted. Jawaher is honored and excited to be a part of PSUMUN; she believes in the power of every spoken tone and how it influences the actions of others.

Abdullah BinRayes | Undersecretary of Conference Management

Abdullah BinRayes is a Computer Science Cyber Security student in his third year, and is excited to take on the role of Undersecretary of Conference Management. He is determined to meticulously plan and execute an unforgettable conference experience. Alongside his academic pursuits, Abdullah has a keen interest in cars and sports, keeping up with the latest developments in both areas. With his passion for cybersecurity, diverse interests, and commitment to creating a remarkable event. Abdullah is poised to make a lasting impact and deliver an exceptional experience.

Abdullah AlYousef | Undersecretary of Logistics

Abdullah is a dedicated individual currently serving as the Undersecretary of Logistics. With a strong background in computer science and a focus on cybersecurity, he brings a unique skill set to his role. Abdullah's passion for efficient organization and attention to detail make him a valuable asset in managing and overseeing logistical operations. His commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for all participants reflects his dedication to enhancing the overall success of this event.

Feras Alsuwailem | Undersecretary of IT Management

Feras is currently a junior in Computer Science and is thrilled to be a part of the PSUMUN team. Despite what his major might suggest about his interests he actually has a great adoration for history, music, and art. During his free time, you will find him glued to a TV screen playing video games for hours.

Toleen Almashat | Undersecretary of Marketing

Toleen is a marketing major with a deep appreciation for MUN. She is a dedicated individual who is pursuing a degree in marketing, driven by her passion for creativity, critical thinking, and making meaningful connections. She constantly seeks innovative ways to promote, advertise, and engage with audiences. Alongside her academic pursuits, Toleen holds a genuine love for MUN. Her fascination with global affairs and the power of effective communication has fueled her dedication to MUN, allowing her to actively contribute to creating a better world.

Yazan Farrash | Undersecretary of Graphic Design and Marketing

Yazan is a junior marketing student at Prince Sultan University. He has always shown great interest in politics, debates, and public speaking, whether as a speaker or just a listener. His journey started in high school in 2019 where he attended his first MUN conference and had an absolute blast debating and listening to various global perspectives. Apart from debate, he often likes to go outside his personal bubble to meet new people and try new activities (until his social battery runs out at least). You can also find him spending his free time with family and friends, reviewing movies, gaming, or just doodling on his iPad.

Baraa AlSalameh | Undersecretary of Media

Baraa Alsalameh, a second-year electrical engineering student, brings a unique blend of technical prowess and creative finesse to the PSUMUN team. As a professional videographer with over four years of experience, he has crafted exceptional films and video content for prestigious clients across Saudi Arabia. Within the PSUMUN family, Baraa serves as the Undersecretary of Media, overseeing all media production and management for the conference. Armed with his camera, he skillfully captures the conference's most memorable moments, adding a dynamic layer to the MUN experience

Emad Harun | Society Advisor

Emad is a 4th year manufacturing engineering student at Prince Sultan University, his love for physics is what drives him. His MUN career was launched in 2019 and ever since he’s been involved in countless conferences around the globe. In his free time, he practices with his band and read books

Abdulrahman Awad | Society Advisor

Abdulrahman is a Marketing sophomore, whose deepest ambition is to travel far and wide across the globe some day. His love for profound conversations and debate led him to participate in an MUN, where he fell in love with its environment and society. Thereafter, he joined the community, and through his role hopes to introduce such conferences to as many students as possible and ensure they get the most out of the opportunity. Any time he doesn’t dedicate to discovering new places, starting something new, or volunteering, Abdulrahman will be found playing video games, watching Netflix, and making/scrolling through memes.

Ms. Sofia Adan | Faculty Advisor

Over the past 18 years Ms. Sofia Adan has enjoyed an exceptional and diverse career which, at its core, is primarily concerned with supporting the positive development of our international community. Having worked across the global arena in countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Kenya, Georgia and Malaysia, Ms. Adan has worked vigorously alongside government entities and NGOs on a variety of educational policies, whilst also implementing new innovative strategies to enhance the strategic outputs of these policies. In a testament to her illustrious career, she has also worked extensively with NGOs and intergovernmental agencies on a wide cross section of issues related to development, community enhancement, human security and education. Notably, in addition to her significant work in higher education she has also worked with NGOs supporting refugees in Georgia and in a voluntary capacity with the Red Cross. The innovative nature of her work and her experience working in a wide array of professional capacities, supporting diverse communities, bring to the fore the exceptional interdisciplinary nature of Ms. Adan’s professional career.

Ms. Adan earned an honours degree in Social Work and Psychology, from Ryerson University, Canada; a Masters of Science in Education from the D’youville College in New York, USA, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Education at the University of Birmingham.

Sofia enjoys reading and travelling. She hopes to continue her NGO and voluntary work world-wide.

Ms. Tasneem | Faculty Advisor

With a wealth of experience in educational administration, teacher education, and English language teaching, Ms. Tanecia (Tasneem) Prue has made significant contributions to the international academic community and has played a pivotal role in shaping its educational landscape. Holding a Master's degree in TESOL from the American University in Washington, DC, she brings a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights to her work.

In addition to her work in higher education, Ms. Tasneem is an active participant in the Model United Nations (MUN) community. Recognizing the importance of cultivating diplomatic and critical thinking skills in educators and students alike, she remains committed to guiding and supporting individuals in their participation in Model UN conferences.