Meet the Team

Naif AlDhaban | Secretary General

Since taking part in his first MUN experience, Naif, a senior Software Engineering student, has been in love with the competitive environment that MUN committees bring and the fierce debates they hold. Along with the many positives that came with his first MUN, it most importantly made Naif face his fear of public speaking and overcome it. Other than trying to convince new people into taking part in MUN, Naif usually spends his free time working on other projects and taking part in other extracurriculars that distract him from his academic life. Naif is working on ensuring that everyone involved with the PSUMUN society receives the best experience in their events.

Dareen Abdulkareem | Director General

Dareen, a diligent law student in her junior year, has had a love for international law from the start. This international orientation along with her strong management, leadership, and problem solving skills made MUN the perfect place for her to bring to life her passion, work ethic and skills. Her first experience at representing PSU at Prague MUN was a very exhilarating and rewarding one, and thus began her devotion to MUN. When she’s not busy running between exams and extracurriculars, Dareen enjoys playing badminton, coloring, hanging out with friends, and travelling when her schedule allows it.

Hadia Hadid | Under Secretary of Delegate Affairs

Currently, in her senior year of Applied Linguistics, Hadia is honored to be part of the PSUMUN family. She is certified from the ToastMasters Organization as an Advanced Leader and Communicator. Her previous MUN experiences make her believe that MUN is a great opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and sharpen their research and public speaking skills. Outside of MUN, Hadia would spend her time singing, drawing, or playing basketball, and she would never miss the chance to eat a delicious pasta dish. Hadia looks forward to creating, with the help of her colleagues, a memorable experience for the delegates and volunteers.

Layla AlRawaf | Under Secretary of Committee Affairs

Driven by her pure passion for the Law, Layla has always aspired to finely tune all the skills needed to be a brilliant lawyer. She has participated in several MUN’s in the past and fell in love with debating. As a third year Law student, Layla happily spends most of her time buried between mountains of Law books. However, once in a blue moon she comes up for air and likes to spend that time reading, baking, or taking pictures of her 3 year old golden retriever.

Abdullah Irfan | Under Secretary of Marketing

Abdullah is a senior finance student and father to three cute cats. Joining the MUN society has been a great experience for him; it has increased his interest in various types of extracurriculars, and taking part in MUN conferences has facilitated the development of his critical thinking and communication skills in his everyday life. In Abdullah’s free time, he likes playing video games, socializing, and of course, scrolling through dank memes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Through his role in the Secretariat, Abdullah aspires to increase awareness and encourage more people to take part in MUN conferences to possibly find their new passion.

Mohammed Alhakbani | Under Secretary of IT Management

Mohammed is now a sophomore in Information Systems. His previous MUN experiences have led him to believe that MUN is an excellent platform for students to enhance their information and strengthen their research and public speaking skills. Mohammed loves to learn and work on IT and finance-related topics. Mohammed is looking forward to some exciting adventures.

Emad Harun | Under Secretary of Committee Affairs

Emad is a 3rd year manufacturing engineering student at Prince Sultan University, his love for physics is what drives him. His MUN career was launched in 2019 and ever since he’s been involved in countless conferences around the globe. In his free time, he practices with his band and read books

Alanood Albawardi | Under Secretary of Conference Management

After participating in multiple MUNs, Alanood fell in love with the diplomatic nature of the debates held in the MUNs. She became more passionate in improving her communication skills, which gave her the motivation to be an exchange student in her senior year of high school. She enjoys making new friends with a big smile on her face! Additionally, if she is not talking to her friends, you will find her writing short stories and poems. You might also find her searching for an exciting new experience.

Abdelrahman Babiker | Society Advisor

Abdelrahman Babiker participated in many MUN conferences both inside and outside the Kingdom, earning awards in almost all of them. In saying that, his passion for politics and diplomacy will come as no surprise; his first question upon meeting Sudan’s former president, Swar Al Dahab, was, “How do I become President?” When not working on MUN or planning his future presidential campaigns, Abdelrahman can be generally found scrolling through cat posts on social media, playing video games, and signing up for any competition that catches his eye.

Shiza Siddiqui | Society Advisor

Shiza Siddiqui, is a graduate marketing student. She peviously served as Director General for about a year. Most of her friends will agree that her role suits her perfectly; she’s immaculate with her planning and wonderful with communication. When she’s not ensuring that the Secretariat is running as smoothly as possible, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, discovering new food - preferably, desserts - and expanding her cultural knowledge of the world through movies and TV shows.

Mr. Jonathan Tarbox | Faculty Advisor

Jonathan Tarbox began his participation in Model United Nations in 1974 while still in middle school. In high school, he was a member of the Daniel Webster Debate Society. In the 1990s, he joined Toastmasters International, and has been involved in debate and public speaking ever since. He is a sought-after speaker at conventions and events. Mr. Tarbox is currently the coordinator of the Communication and Leadership Unit inside the Teaching and Learning Center at Prince Sultan University, where he develops programs for public speaking, team-building, and leadership training throughout the university. Over the years, he has trained the students and led them to a variety of contest championships and awards.

Ms. Sofia Adan | Faculty Advisor

Over the past 18 years Ms. Sofia Adan has enjoyed an exceptional and diverse career which, at its core, is primarily concerned with supporting the positive development of our international community. Having worked across the global arena in countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Kenya, Georgia and Malaysia, Ms. Adan has worked vigorously alongside government entities and NGOs on a variety of educational policies, whilst also implementing new innovative strategies to enhance the strategic outputs of these policies. In a testament to her illustrious career, she has also worked extensively with NGOs and intergovernmental agencies on a wide cross section of issues related to development, community enhancement, human security and education. Notably, in addition to her significant work in higher education she has also worked with NGOs supporting refugees in Georgia and in a voluntary capacity with the Red Cross. The innovative nature of her work and her experience working in a wide array of professional capacities, supporting diverse communities, bring to the fore the exceptional interdisciplinary nature of Ms. Adan’s professional career.

Ms. Adan earned an honours degree in Social Work and Psychology, from Ryerson University, Canada; a Masters of Science in Education from the D’youville College in New York, USA, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Education at the University of Birmingham.

Sofia enjoys reading and travelling. She hopes to continue her NGO and voluntary work world-wide.